Monday, December 3, 2007

Bed Rest

So here I am sitting in bed, yep, I'm on bed rest. Unbeknown to me, I kinda brought this on myself. We had a Christmas Open House here last night (Sunday) and on Thursday I was trying to get things ready for that. After I got JR on the bus I ran to the grocery store, then Costco, and when I got home I started making teacake cookies. I forgot how much work teacakes can be and I was in a rush to get them made before JR got home. So, instead of eating lunch I ate a couple of cookies and had 2 diet cokes. By the time I got the kitchen cleaned up, JR was home and we had to leave immediately because he had both gymnastics and karate that day to make up for missing karate on Thanksgiving. While JR was in his classes I decided I would get our Christmas cards addressed. I was sitting at a kids sized table in an adult chair, and when I started to get uncomfortable, I decided that it was just because of the size of the table and chair. As I was driving JR home that night I finally realized that something might be wrong. I walked in and told Jason, "I think I may be having contractions". I didn't know if I was or not because I never went into labor with JR. I was supposed to be walking out the door to go to KD dinner, but Jason told me I better call my doctor, who told me to go to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital my contractions were 2 minutes apart! The nurses told me that dehydration, not enough to eat, and too much movement can start contractions...Well, I'd pretty much done all 3 to myself that day! They got the contractions down to a minimum later on Friday and let me go home on Saturday afternoon. We still had our Christmas Open House on Sunday; I just had to sit and let Jason and all the grandparents take care of everything....which I'm VERY grateful for! It's hard for me to talk on the phone because the medicine I'm on to stop the contractions makes me shake, short of breath, and makes my heart race, but everybody's more that welcome to email me, I need lots of entertainment! Jason has to go to Singapore and Thailand for work this week, but my mom is here to take care of JR and me. I think JR is a little scared of me right now...when he got home from school today he told me, "Mommy, you're stomach is REALLY big!" Hopefully it will get bigger, we need these babies to cook a little longer!


Kristi said...

Your party was fabulous. I loved all of your decorations and Caleb really enjoyed playing with JR. Take it easy and let those babies
"cook" some more!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the party. Your teacakes were wonderful, but don't push yourself so hard! Read some good books and enjoy the bed rest, and enjoy the time with your mother. I love you---hang in there and let those babies grow some more! Lu