Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Guns A Blazin'

Jason took JR for his first trip to the gun range on Saturday. Jason, Grandpa Gary, and JR are going hunting in South Texas in a few weekends and Jason said he needed to go fire his gun before they went. I wasn't sure how the trip to the gun range would go, and as soon as they were finished I had a phone call from a very mad JR. Of course he's not big enough to shoot Jason's gun, but to make matters worse, he wasn't allowed to stand near his daddy while he shot. He had to stand back with Grandpa Gary and just watch. JR reported that "everybody was mean to him because he didn't get to shoot". According to JR, the best thing that came out of the experience was that he got chicken nuggets on the way home! I think Grandpa Gary has a little gun for JR to shoot on their hunt...Let's hope so, or they're going to need lots of chicken nuggets!


Allison said...

JR needs a toy gun to take with him next time! He's so cute in his camo!

Kristi said...

Poor JR - at least he got the nuggets, though. I hope his trip to South Texas goes well!