Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Photo

As you can see I posted the one and only picture we have of all of us together. To clarify a few things:

-I'm holding Reed and Jason is holding Kyle-each of us holding the baby that looks like we do.
-The wires that look like they are coming out of Jason's hands are actually Kyle's monitor. He is still on it, but the doctor seems to think it won't be much longer.
-Hunter put himself in the picture; we didn't even call for him. He ran up and positioned himself right in the middle...He thinks the babies are his and spends his days guarding them.
-JR isn't smiling, but he wasn't in a bad mood. I think he was just distracted as the picture was being taken. He was excited because we were about to go eat the food of his ancestors...yep, Chinese.

So there we are, the entire Ingy Family


Anonymous said...

I love the updated photo--it is nice to see the entire family!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Some people I know never take a bad picture. Mom

Kristi said...

I love the photo - even if JR looks less than interested. I know how that goes! I can hardly ever get a decent pic of Caleb!!! They always get distracted! I'm excited to hear that Kyle will get off of the monitor soon.

Allison said...

Love your family photo!