Sunday, February 3, 2008

Out and About

We took the whole family out on Friday night. We loaded everybody up in the car, which will take some getting used to, and we went to eat at an Italian restaurant by our house that we like. The little boys were very good; they slept through the whole thing. Since we got out of the house on Friday without incident, we decided to try again on Saturday. We ate at Sonic for lunch (that was in honor of JR, because Sonic was the first place we took him when he was a baby...we were too scared to try an actual "go inside" restaurant back then) and then we went shopping at Costco. I broke out the double stroller and pushed the little guys around. I felt like I was back in China, as everybody was stopping me and commenting on how little they were and asking how old they were. Again, they did a really good job, and slept through the whole thing. We didn't do anything exciting, and getting out sure isn't as easy as it used to be, but at least we're doing it!

We all fit in the car!

The boys go out to eat!


Anonymous said...

Good for You! Mom

Anonymous said...

I know it was an exciting outing. And JR has the seat of honor between the babies! I bet he enjoyed that. Hated that we couldn't visit on Saturday--sounds like Cosco was a fun time for all--even though they slept through it (but that is good!) Love ya...Lu

Kristi said...

Congratulations on your family outing! That is a HUGE accomplishment. We hope to see y'all soon! Caleb is definitely ready to play with JR!!!

Allison said...

Yea! for getting out, twice no less! It looks like JR is going to be a huge help in the car.