Sunday, March 23, 2008

20th Annual Family Easter Party

We all had a great time at the annual family Easter party. The food was dee-lish and we had a huge crowd (did we ever do an official head count?) JR had a blast playing with all of his cousins, they really wore him out!

The little boys found themselves with plenty of people to hold them, so they loved that. Here's Kyle with Jason and Reed with my dad.

My cousin, Lu, had a bouncy castle for the kids this year. JR screamed, "It's Scooby Doo!" when he saw it. The kids really loved bouncing, and you can imagine what a big, sweaty, mess JR looked like by the end of the day.

Now I know everybody is on pins and needles wondering about the Easter Bonnet competition. Well, as you will see from the picture there were some fierce competitors. But, not to worry, I was able to pull out the win.

I'm going to be eating candy for a month. JR came home with a truck full of eggs from the Easter egg hunt....good thing the Easter Bunny didn't get JR much candy!
The kids also had a few of the confetti eggs to crack on each other. Here's JR about to smash one on Caleb's head.
Since almost all the cousins are boys, they really aren't into the typical Easter pinatas...So this year it was the Red Easter Power Ranger. Look what the poor thing looked like after they were done with it!

We even had a slide show of 20 years of Easter parties. Thanks, Kristi, for doing that...I know how much work that was! What a fun day!


Anonymous said...

YOUR hat was amazing! and the Easter party was really great.Mom

Allison said...

I love all of the hats!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The offical head count was 32. Not the biggest crowd that we've ever had, but by far the most beautiful day in years and the Most FUN! I loved the hats--seems like they were a hit with most of the ladies, the little girls and Caleb and JR enjoyed them too. Thanks for making it another one for the memory book. LU

Kristi said...

Who is that cute girl in the blue and brown by the bounce house??? LOL! We did have a great time! My favorite by far was the hats!!! We were stunning!

(I'll add some pics to my blog soon...whenever my photo program cooperates!)