Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've had at least one baby screaming at all times today. In fact, Reed is screaming right now. I just had to leave the room for awhile. They have eaten and have on new diapers. I have held them and held them until my arms are sore. I actually had to take both of them to get JR off the bus. You should have seen me trying to balance the both of them. I think they both fell asleep while waiting for the bus, but as soon as I got them inside and put them in their chairs, they both miraculously woke up. How is it that babies know if they are sleeping in your arms or not? And why are my arms so much more comfortable than their vibrating bouncy chairs or their swing? I sure wish I had a vibrating boucy chair! The other problem we have is that Kyle won't take a pacifier. Jason actually told him that to be an Ingersoll he needed to learn to take a pacifier. Reed will take his for awhile, but not like JR would. The pacifier was the solver of all of JR's problems...and I NEVER would have been able to fly back and forth from China without one.
In other news, we got JR's acceptance letter from 2nd Baptist yesterday. I still don't think it's a big deal to get accepted...but from the looks of the packet they sent us yesterday you would think he'd been accepted to UT or A&M. Here he is the other day hanging out in the "boat" he made. Of course he had to be shirtless...
I think we are going to see the Easter Bunny tonight since JR has hockey lessons. We had to hunt Easter eggs again yesterday. It's pretty funny to hunt when JR has hidden them because he tells you right where they are. He does the same thing when playing "I Spy". He'll say, "I see something yellow....and it's a banana!"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations JR on your acceptance! May this be the first of many such exciting acceptance letters to receive. and I love the boat you built--looks like a Caleb and Cole creation.
Oh Jan, what a bad day--hopefully tomorrow will be better! Love ya...Lu

Anonymous said...

Remember the doctor said they can't fall off of the floor. But she didn't say how to get them to sleep at the same time for a few hours. Mom

Kristi said...

UGH! What a nasty day! I'm also glad to see that it's not just my kids that tear up the couch!

JoAnn/Jerry said...

Your stories bring back "almost forgotten" memories for me!! Back when I dealt with 3 teenagers, a
6 yr. old and newborn twins!! There were days I thought I should have been committed "somewhere safe"!!! My sister kept telling me "this,too, will pass" and she was right!! Now I look at those days with fondness!
Take care!!! Great Aunt JoAnn in MN

Anonymous said...

They must be missing the grandmothers - life without a grandmother there can be sort of tough on the wee ones!!!!

Horray for JR on his acceptance - do they know what an exceptional child they are getting????

Granny Sherry