Thursday, March 20, 2008

Off to Work

Can I tell you how much I love my husband today! JR has been home all week for Spring Break (note to self: find summertime activities to sign JR up for). So just as I was about to start thinking up things to do with JR for today Jason says, "I'm thinking about taking JR to work with me after lunch tomorrow." Can you imagine how enthusiastic my, "Yes! I think that's a great idea!" was? We told JR this morning that Jason would come get him after lunch and take him to his office. JR was of course thrilled and got busy planning all the things he needed to take in his briefcase to the office. I believe we decided on crayons, scissors, construction paper, a couple of activity books, and the all important Leapster and Leapster games. JR also had to wear a belt (because Daddy wears a belt to the office) and he even got out his dress shoes. I picked JR up from "work" about 4:00 so I could take him to karate and he was very excited about his day at the office. He said Daddy got him a Sprite, he worked on his "projects" while Daddy worked on the computer, and some lady gave him a robot that made a lot of noise. Surprisingly, Jason's take on the day was pretty much the same, except he said, "That was long enough, it was about all both of us could take." And yes, I tried to get them to pose someplace other than in front of the garage, but as you can see, I was completely unsuccessful.

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Anonymous said...

I know JR enjoyed "going to work". That's a nice idea. Now..if he'll just add the twins.... Mom