Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Am I?

I'm writing to you tonight from the frozen Arctic tundra of the Great White North. No, wait a minute, I'm still in Houston. Yet, outside the temperature is currently 77. And the high today was supposedly 83, with a heat index of 78. 78! Let me run put on my parka. Now I know you non Texans would probably sweat to death in a heat index of 78, but we Ingersolls ran outside to play. As luck would have it, the only day we've been able to play outside without the involvement of a water sprinkler or a swimming pool just happens to be JR's last day of summer. That's right, big day tomorrow. JR is excited, I'm scared to death. I just keep telling myself, "It can't be as bad as last year, it can't be as bad as last year." He'll be starting the Bridge Class (That would be the class for kids who've done PreK but aren't ready for Kindergarten -mainly because of a summer birthday.) at Second Baptist tomorrow. His teacher called tonight to say she was looking forward to meeting JR tomorrow...how sweet is that? So, send up little prayers that JR won't have a repeat performance of the first day of school last year, and enjoy the pictures of the Ingy boys actually playing outside during the summer!


Allison said...

The weather has been great! I hope JR has a great first day!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - JR - off to school we go - Prayers are for JR and, of course, for the patience of his teacher.
Again, the pictures of JR with the bubbles are movie star material - true and genuinely having fun.


Anonymous said...

The boys of summer. I like JR's school haircut. Maw-maw