Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Put Us On The Prayer List

No, this isn't a picture of Kyle and a random Chinese lady...It's JR and his Ayi! Can you believe JR was so little when we moved to Beijng. AND we'd already been there a couple of months because I think this picture was taken in May 2004. JR's Ayi from China is going for her US visa interview December 22! She got to come see us for a month last summer (07), and we've been hoping to get her back ever since. Her boss said she could have a month off around Chinese New Year to come see us. So if she can get her visa, she's good to go! You'd think getting a visa would be an easy process. People get confused and say, "Why won't China let her come?" It has nothing to do with China. China's got 1.3 billion other Chinese to worry about; it's the US that's the problem. The first time she tried she got denied. The second time she tried is when she came. The problem is that if she gets denied this time, she'll probably never get to come back because once you've been denied twice you really have no shot. I understand the whole visa process, but I get aggravated that terrorists can prance right over and fly planes into buildings, while fabulously wonderful Chinese ladies can't come visit families who loved them for 3 years. When we lived in Beijing and things seemed impossible we'd say, "Remember, God is bigger than the Chinese Government." This time I just have to tweak it a bit...He's also bigger than the American Government too. Prayers lists please!


Anonymous said...

I'm on my knees. MR

Seth and Beth said...

My prayers are with you! I'm keep my fingers crossed too just for good measure:-)

Kristi said...

Praying for you!