Thursday, January 29, 2009

Singing Sensation

I was back up at JR's school today. This time it was for "Music Play Day", which translated means: "parents come watch your kids in music class". Being that I can't go anywhere without causing some sort of minor scene, I show up with twin babies and a Chinese woman in tow. Since I'm as used to being the new mom as JR is being the new kid, (and everybody was already checking out my entourage) I walked up and said, "Hi! I'm JR's mom, Jan, we're new to the school." The other moms were nice enough to introduce themselves to me, and one freaked me out a bit when she told me where I lived. Wow, this is a small town. Another mom asked me if Ayi was JR's grandmother. I thought I did a good job of hiding my shock at the question, but what's even stranger is tonight a mom from snowboarding class asked me the same thing!
JR's music class was actually cute and fun. JR was thrilled that we were there, and the babies thought the kids were there to put on a private show just for them. Kyle and Reed sat in our laps and clapped and "danced" thoroughly entertained.
At one point the teacher went over and played a song on the piano. She asked the kids, "What song am I playing?" About 5 hands shot up, JR's being one of them, and she began to call on kids.
The first kid said, "I forgot."
Next one named a song that was wrong.
Then a little boy said, "The Pirate Song."
The teacher said, "No, but you're getting close."
She called on another kid and she gave the wrong answer too.
Finally she called on JR.
And of course, JR in his genius brilliance said, "5 Handsome Sailors!" (Right Answer!)
The kid that said The Pirate Song blurted out, "But that's what I said! I said The Pirate Song!"
No buddy, sorry but The Pirate Song isn't even close to 5 Handsome Sailors. I would agree that Johnny Depp is quite handsome as Captain Jack Sparrow, but I don't think that's where you were going with it.
Oh yeah, JR got the right answer...sure seems to me like these Coloradoans 'don't got nutin' on us Texans!


Anonymous said... where is the picture of my little music man? Maw-Maw

Anonymous said...

At least they have nuttin' on the Texans they have come to deal with in Durango! The Grandmother thing? Maybe it would just be easier to shake your head in agreement and let them try figure it out when the meet Dad - and when MM and GS get there, we can play 'will the real grandmother please stand up'!!