Monday, February 16, 2009

#2 and #3

We had visitors number 2 and 3 come see us this past weekend. (We had 36 people come to see us in Beijing, so we're hoping to beat that.) Our friends Caroline and Jason came from Houston. Caroline is my first friend I made at UT, and as you can see from this picture...we're still just as silly as we were at 18....not that we're much older than that now! Speaking of our silliness, I have a great ski mishap to share with you. Saturday morning was really cold and snowy on the mountain, so I had my hood up on my jacket. Caroline and her Jason actually told me I looked like the Unabomber, so that should give you a good visual. Caroline and I were waiting to get on a 2 person ski lift and with the snow and my Unabomber hood in the way, I was having trouble with my peripheral vision. As I sat down on the lift, my left butt cheek didn't make it all the way on, so my left foot and ski was turned behind me as the ski lift took off...ripping my ski off my foot. Of course this caused all kinds of dramatics on our part. We laughed, we panicked, we laughed some more. Caroline was super supportive in my time of need by telling me, "I'm so glad it's you and not me!" As we approached the get off we screamed to Jason and Jason (who were in front of us) to tell the lift operator to slow it down, and I held out my ski-less boot in case he needed a visual. As they were stopping the lift for me to get off I'm thinking, this is so what I get for making fun of the Pentecostal skiers on my blog! So they stopped the lift, but I still had to ski down the lift hill with one ski. It wasn't graceful, in fact I'm surprised it's not a clip on YouTube, but I did manage to get down without falling on my face. The nice (good) skier behind us had my ski and a crisis was averted. Yeah for good times!

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Anonymous said...

Where are the movie cameras when you need them - your saving grace here was the fact that you are usually the one with the camera taking these types of episodes of someone else. Sounds like you had a great time!