Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Talk: Swimming Sensation

Reed: All we babies hear about is how JR was already "swimming" by the time he was our age. The way these people around here talk I'm surprised JR hasn't swum in his first Olympics. If we've heard it once, we've heard it a million times: "We used to just throw JR in the water and he'd swim right up." or "JR would just take off and jump in the pool when he was this age." Well, if I can't swim yet, I'm blaming my brother. How am I supposed to learn to swim when I've got a brother that's just now not crying in the bathtub. I did my best to show Daddy that I really want to learn. When we went to the pool yesterday Daddy did "advanced lessons" with me, while Mommy did "baby lessons" with Kyle. And yeah, yeah, JR was great of course...he spent most of the time jumping off the diving board....I guess now they'll be calling him Greg Louganis. But enough about JR, let's focus on me. Check me out in the pool!

R: Daddy let me try out one of the bigger slides too. Kyle was too scared to do the slide, but not me! I loved you will see by the smile on my face at the end.

Kyle: Dude! Would you quit talking about me! I did NOT have to go to "baby lessons" and I DID go down a slide.

R: You did so go to "baby lessons"! You'd hardly let go of Mommy. I don't think she ever dunked you under. How could she? You had a pacifier in your mouth the whole time! Did you see anybody else at the pool with a pacifier?

K: Um No, that's because nobody is as cool as me and ABLE to swim with a pacifier...I'm just that awesome in my awesomeness.

R: Well, if you're that awesome let's just show everybody you going down the slide, if you can call it a slide.

K: Oh, it's a slide! And you'll see that I'm able to slide, splash into water, and look cute for the ladies....all while sucking on my pacifier. Awesomeness? Oh yeah it is!


Anonymous said...

OK guys, Granny has to get in this arguement - you must remember that trying to keep up JR is not your goal - that is a feat that not many will ever accomplish - I think you are pretty awesome in each your own way - of course, I am not biased at all - good job at the swimming pool!!!

Anonymous said...

And you didn't even mention that JR had already starred in a t.v. commercial by this time. Poor little things...they'll hear "JR this" and "JR that" forever. MR