Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't Take the Texas Out of the Boys

Photo Disclaimer: Yes, Reed's face if very chapped in this photo. I have a Chinese woman living with me who was quite upset about the situation. Lots of lotion was applied, and the problem has been remedied. Grandmothers, please no comments about "your baby's" face.
The babies have now learned to get on their rocking horse and rock themselves. True to form, Reed is really great at this. He'll climb on without incident and rock and rock. Also true to form, Kyle will climb on (after falling off a few times) and is usually facing the wrong way. He jumps up and down a few times, and though not riding it "properly" has a fine time of his own. Of course we have a room full of toys, but usually they prefer to play with the exact same toy at the exact same time. (Having 2 of the same thing doesn't always fix this situation either.) When it comes to the rocking horse there's just enough room for them both to fit. But when they're both trying to get on at the same time it's quite a show. It's eerily similar to a WWE wrestling match. There's certain to be lots of squeals, hollers, and cries. It's unbelievable the elbows these guys can throw at one-years old! But once on, Kyle quite enjoys the ride with brother Reed at the "wheel". Giddy-Up!


Anonymous said...

I agree, that must be quite a rodeo. They're ready for hats and boots now. Maw-Maw

Mary Moore said...

OMG, that baby's face ...

Just kidding. :o)

Those are the cutest little monkeys I've seen in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun it is to ride!! They appear to be having the time of their life as if there was not struggle at all getting into position!

Anonymous said...

Giddy up Texas boys.