Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mountain Men

I'm finishing up our Albuquerque trip today, so it's a two post day! Keep on reading after you're done with the Mountain Men.
I tried really hard to get a good picture of the boys with the Sandia Mountains in the background (didn't happen). Taking a picture of the mountains was as close as I wanted to get to them. My mom told me, "Oh! I've ridden the Sandia Peak Tram! You should go do that!" I quickly told her that the last thing in the world I'd ever want to do is go ride the Sandia Peak Tram. I hate gondolas, almost as much as flying. And the Sandia Peak Tram isn't just any old gondola, it's the longest tramway in the world! 2.7 miles of dangling over the side of a mountain. thanks. I'll keep my feet planted firmly on the ground...and here's the pictures to prove it.
Kyle almost in tears. Reed with his new favorite toy- an empty bottle of lotion. He's starting to look like a mini Bob Dole the way he carries it around! He won't let go of it, and starts crying when he has to put it down to drink his milk. I swear these children have every toy in the world, and he's carrying around a travel size lotion bottle!

Reed happy; Kyle playing with the rocks.

Kyle didn't like the grass so it's just Reed and JR.

JR and Kyle with the resort in the background.


Anonymous said...

Love those Mountain Men! Maw-Maw

Me Me Me said...

Too Cute! What was the resort y'all stayed at? I've been on the Sandia Gondola too! Didn't see too much else since I was surrounded by casino's!!!!

Me Me Me said...

Oh wait, I did go to Old Town, for about an hour before going back to the casino. ;)

Jan said...

We were at the Hyatt Sanaya Resort. Just like the Hill Country Hyatt in San Antonio.