Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Mex vs Tex Mex

So I was going to casually mention what I thought about New Mexican food, but since I got so many comments about it, I'm going to give my audience what they want and dedicate a whole post! Our friends from Beijing, Dan and Christina, live in Albuquerque so they took us to the world famous El Pinto. I was happy to eat there since my buddies John McCain and Sarah Palin also ate there while visiting Albuquerque. I thought the food was great: chips and salsa-great, margartia-great, huevos rancheros-different than Tex-Mex but great (I chose the red sauce), sopapillas-great. Jason had the red chile ribs which are a speciality of El Pinto and he said they were terrific. I guess the waitress picked up on my "out of town-ness", perhaps she heard me making a spectacle of myself over the Sarah Palin buying salsa picture hanging on the wall, so she warned me of the spiciness of the sauce. My reply..."Oh, I'm from Texas. I should be okay, right?" She then quickly assured me since I was from Texas I'd be just fine. So verdict on New Mexican food. It was some good stuff, it's different than Tex Mex so it's not really fair to say one's better than the other. I love my Tex Mex, but while I'm not in Texas...New Mexican will do just fine.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of New Mex food. It's good, but different than our TexMex. The waiters like to watch Texans squirm at their hot sauce.

Mendi said...

I totally know what you mean. My husband is from New Mexico. It's completely different. Green Chilie everything. (Tex-Mex is better:-))