Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spoken Like A True Ingersoll

JR had his Valentine party at school today. The first thing he wanted to do when we got home was have me read his Valentines to him. As we were going through them, I noticed that Emma had given him three. I said, "JR, Emma must really like you to give you 3 Valentines." JR's reply, "I know, Emma totally loves me." His daddy and grandpa will be so proud...spoken like a true Ingersoll.
The Valentines party was really nice and I met some more of the moms. Two of them told me they could tell I was from the South before they asked me where I was from....Is my accent that bad? I really thought my "internationalness" had softened it some. But I'm guessing my referring to this state as "Col-o-ROD-o" instead of "Col-o-RAD-o" is a dead giveaway. Of course I can't go anywhere without somebody in the Ingy family causing some sort of a scene (I'm just glad it wasn't me). Luckily, today was Kyle's turn to be the scene maker. Kyle decided that it was impossible for him to sit in the stroller while I was putting out the cookies I brought. After much fumbling on my part, I finally had to put him down so I could get the lid off one of the containers. I stood him up at the table, and the next thing I knew some of the moms started laughing. I looked down and Kyle had his face covered in cookie frosting. While holding tight to the table, he leaned into the cookie tray and took a bite out of one of the cookies! That one's smart as a fox I'll tell ya. After they enjoyed Kyle's cookie, both babies were happy to spend the rest of the party playing in the housekeeping center while JR collected Valentines from his legion of female admirers. Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

What a difference a year makes! Last Valentines I couldn't imagine Kyle helping himself to cookies. I know they loved the housekeeping center. Three little sweethearts!! Maw-Maw

Anonymous said...

Yes, rightfully he will carry on the Ingersoll pride - Why is that sooooo cute coming from JR and it gets a "Yuk" coming from Dad and Grandpa! Looks like a fun day for all at the party. You go JR - count up those Valentines!!