Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stories and S'Mores

Saturday night we went out to listen to a Native American storyteller and make s'mores. Our storyteller was from the Tamayame tribe, whose land the Tamaya resort is built. (You might be wondering why everyone is bundled up in coats except Tank-Top Guy in the back...I think he had just come from the hot tub.)

JR and his burnt marshmellow. Ayi literally squealed out when she saw JR eat the marshmellow. Now thinking about it, I can see where it might seem odd to stick a marshmellow on a stick and roast it on an open flame. But, I've been at plenty of Chinese dinners where I've watched them devour an entire fish, face and all. So really, if you've seen fish eyes eaten, I wouldn't think a roasted marshmellow would give you reason to fret.

Kyle enjoying a s'more.

The only picture we got of all of us. JR couldn't stop eating long enough to pose, and of course he also picked out the longest roasting stick he could find...Look, it's as tall as Jason! You'll also notice how unhappy Reed is. He quickly spotted that Kyle had a fresh s'more and is doing his best to take it away from him. Ahhh, family photo ops.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pictures. Wish I had a s'more right now. I see the babies' caps from China. They look perfect for cold weather. MR

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a pix of the entire family. Those are good photos of the Sandia Peak with the boys in front--good job Jan.
I'm with you on the tram ride, I tried to get Ben to take that trip, but it was a definite no for him--so I had an easy out.