Friday, February 20, 2009

Sugar Rush

I don't think I mentioned much about Valentine's Day except for JR's school party. We went skiing that day, as you can tell by JR's ski helmet hair, and are still busy eating chocolate. The babies love M&M's, and I've had to move the candy from their highchair line of vision since Reed was turning his face away from '"real" food then squealing and pointing to the candy on the table. I thought I did a great job of not going "candy overboard" this Valentines, then I realized that JR had talked Ayi into buying him his own bag full of candy. So, yet again, we are on candy overload. One of JR's Valentine's presents was a puzzle of the United States. He was able to pick out Texas and Colorado without any help, and could then easily see why we had a hurricane in Houston, but won't have one in Colorado. He then asked, "Mommy, Where's China?" We talked a lot about where China is located and how it isn't part of the United States. He then said, "So everybody on this puzzle speaks English!" Being from Texas, I kinda had to giggle at that one, and decided that the easiest answer was the simplest. "Yes, JR. Everybody in America speaks English."


Anonymous said...

I agree with Reed. Candy trumps "real" food every time. Maw-Maw

Kristi said...

mmm...candy. LOL about JR's conversation!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Margaret and Reed on the candy thing.