Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This IS.... American Idol-Part 2

Seacrest back with you on American Idol. So what do you think? Think I should go back to the flat iron and highlights? Alright, so lets move on to our next contestant: Kyle Ingersoll

Yo, Yo, Yo! What's goin' down Kyle Dawg? Ehhhhh, I don't know...It was just alright for me ya know? Ya know? I just don't know if I was feelin' it? You can sing, Dawg, you can sing. I just don't know if that was your best performance for me...At this stage you gotta bring it. Ya know, Dawg?

Oh! Am I supposed to talk? I thought I was just supposed to sit here and show how fabulous my hair looks. That and make sure Paula doesn't fall out of her chair. Um, okay...Yes, Kyle, I agree with Randy. You can sing. And I hope the audience gives you another chance to show us what you're all about. Paula?

Ummmm! Can somebody bring me a Viocidin? and an Adderall ? Why is there water in my glass? You think I can chase these pills with water?!Vodka! Stat! Oh, Kyle Sweetheart, That was just wonderful. It melted my heart. I have two words with a semicolon and a hyphen for you: Sold Out Arenas!

Well, I don't mean to be rude, but let's come back to reality here, shall we? I mean, it was atroshish . What was that whole middle part where you jumped around on the couch like a mad man. I think America is going to agree with me on this one. It was quite like a child putting on a show at home.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I can tell you're having a long cold winter, but at least you have entertainment. MR

Seth and Beth said...

LOL!!!! You are hilarious!! And SO dead on with the judges comments...although I thought Simon's last comment was a bit off, I thought the performance was pretty good!!:-)

Anonymous said...

I miss American idol on Wednesday night so - yea for you - these clips of what they have so rudely omitted from the real show is much better than any episode could have been AND verbage is sooooo like them I can hear each one saying it!! Good Job - GS

Anonymous said...

Now I know I won't miss any episode of American Idol just in case I see someone I know performing like that!!!! I may even call in my vote, if I could figure out how!!! Not too techy here!!!