Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This IS....American Idol!

I was watching American Idol last night and for some reason they edited the babies out of last night's show. I'm not sure what the producers were thinking...but luckily I have a copy of the edited bits...Check it out below:

Can you see me? Go get me another box to stand on! It's in my contract that I'm not going to be shorter than the girls this season. What? We're on....
It's all come down to this America. The fate of these contestants rests in your hands.
I'm Ryan Seacrest and THIS is American Idol!
Let's give it up for our first contestant: Reed Ingersoll

Dude! Reed! That was the bomb! That's what I'm talkin' about! You killed it, Dawg! That was even better than when I was workin' with Mariah, dude! Reed Ingersoll in da house, Y'all!

Reed, did you know that I am a singer/songwriter, myself? Yeah, lots of people don't know who I am. I can sing right now if you want me to. Doesn't my hair look great tonight? And I seem so much more knowledgeable than Paula, don't I? Nice job, Reed. Really nice job.

Reed. I love you. I just want to pick you up and squeeze you and hug you. And when I do then everybody will be able to see my new jewelery I'm wearing that's available now on QVC! Ummm, my cup is empty, I'm gonna need a refill!

Reed, if I'm being perfectly honest, it wasn't half bad. There's something about you I like. Now, I'm not saying it was fantastic, but it certainly wasn't a train wreck...much like the crazy sitting next to me.
(Keep reading for Kyle's debut...)

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