Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yet Another Wild Story

Another day, another ski story. I was really thinking we would get through the day today without any ski incidents, but turns out we came across a major one. Jason and I were about to go get on a lift (the same one where I had my ski ripped off with Caroline), but at the last minute decided to ski down the mountain a little further. As we were skiing over to go down the mountain, Jason noticed a woman lying on the ground. She wasn't moving or laughing (laughing being the international ski sign for: I'm not hurt, I feel like an idiot for falling, and now I've got to figure out how to get myself up again) and she was lying in a weird position. Jason went over and asked her if she was hurt and she said she was. Jason took off one of her skis (she was missing the other one) and she asked him to take off her goggles. About that time the ski lift operator hollered over to us that the medic was on the way. I asked her, "Can we call somebody for you?" She said, "My husband is up there." Jason and I looked up the mountain and Jason said, "What's he wearing so we can look for him?" She said, "No. He's right up there," and she nodded to the ski lift. We hadn't noticed, but the ski lift was stopped and sure enough there was a man sitting on the ski lift right above us. She then said, "I fell from the lift, and I'm hurt." About this time they started the lift again and her husband said, "I'll come back for you." He was stuck on the lift and had to ride it to the top to get back down to her. The lift operator came over and said that basically she had never gotten herself all the way on the lift. Which is pretty much what had happened to me when my ski got ripped off, but I had been able to grab on and scoot my butt back in the seat. She had been able to hang on for about 20 yards and the lift was about 10-15 feet off the ground at the point she had fallen. We stayed with her until the medic was able to get to her, and Jason helped load her on the sled. She was in bad shape. She couldn't move her arm, so we think at a minimum her arm was broken. She was also saying how bad her shoulders and ribs hurt. I think we missed seeing her fall from the lift by seconds, which I'm so glad I didn't see, and I will definitely be more careful when getting on the lifts from now on!

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