Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow and Sleep

Jason's quote of the day, "March snow showers bring May flowers." It has been beautiful here the past few weeks, getting up into the 60's most everyday. The whole time my mom was here she kept saying, "Next time I'm bringing short-sleeves for sure!" JR was excited to see the snow and ran outside to "sled". When he figured out there wasn't enough snow for sledding, he did his next favorite thing....shoveling snow off the driveway.
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. Ugh! This is one of my least favorite nights, I hate the thought of "loosing" that hour of sleep. But Jason and I certainly know the importance of Daylight Savings Time and time zones. China doesn't have either one, so during the late spring and summer it gets light in Beijing at 4:00 A.M. When we'd have visitors during the summer we'd say, "Now be sure and close your curtains tonight because it gets light at 4:00 A.M." Of course nobody ever believed us (I guess that's what Jason and I get for being so dramatic). And it never failed that the next morning the first thing people said was, "You were right! It really does get light at 4 in the morning!" So, as much as I hate "loosing" that hour of sleep, it really is better than a 4 A.M. sunrise!


allison said...

We knew better! :p
Enjoy the snow! It's snowing here too, yellow snow. They call it pollen and it's KILLING ME!!!!

Granny Sherry said...

I am so jealous - JR get out and make a snowman for me.