Monday, March 9, 2009

Sofa City, Sweetheart

When JR was little he loved his Sesame Street futon. He'd sit on it and watch TV or look through his books. The babies aren't the least bit interested in watching TV, and they'd much rather rip the cover off a book than look through it. But Reed, like JR, does love the Sesame Street futon. He loves it so much, in fact, that he won't let anybody else near it. Kyle gets tossed from it like a rag doll, and you should see him pushing JR or me off if we dare try and use it as a pillow. He's so protective of it that if he sees anybody else near it, he'll stop what he's doing and "run" (crawl) as fast as he can to protect it. You'll notice that Kyle and JR are nowhere to be seen in these pictures...they learned quick to keep their distance. So I'm giving you fair warning...don't come between Reed and his futon!


Anonymous said...

He pulled my hair to make me get my head off of it. Maw-Maw

granny s said...

Busy Busy Busy - fold it up - lay it out and burrow into it. Never a dull moment!

Marcia said...

Where am I sleeping? Sofa city, sweetheart ;oP