Friday, March 6, 2009

Thelma and Louise-Part 2

Thelma and Louise loaded up and headed out this morning. Jason talked to Sherry awhile ago and they were almost in Childress, Texas, where they are going to stop for the night. That should leave them with about 7 or so hours of driving tomorrow. Sherry said they were in a hail storm so bad that a piece cracked her windshield and that they were also hit by a bunch of tumbleweed. I can just imagine the squealing, hollering, and praying that was going on in that car. Knowing my mom, she probably told Sherry "just pull over until the storm/tumbleweed pass" no less than 50 times. All kidding aside, it was wonderful having them here and I'm already looking forward to their next visit.


Anonymous said...

In one day we drove through sleet, rain, dust storms, tumbleweed storms, hail, and sunshine. BUT it was all worth it to see those 3 grandsons. Maw-Maw

Granny Sherry said...

The part Maw-Maw didn't tell you is that she wanted me to stop the car so she could get out and catch one of those tumbleweeds. Now if ya'all know what I40 is like with 18 wheelers and about a 30-40 mile an hour wind blowing those tumbleweeds so hard that they would knock you down - well, letting her out to chase one just meant I would have to somehow explain to Paw-Paw why I returned without her - needless to say, Maw-Maw returned without a tumbleweed for a souvenir.