Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Talk: Easter Party #21

Guest Bloggers: Kyle and Reed Ingersoll

K: We were super excited to go to Texas for Easter and see all our grandparents. We also attended the 21st annual Easter party at our Aunt Lu's. (She's really mommy's cousin, but we like to call everybody "aunt".)

R: Here's JR and "favorite cousin Caleb" about to eat lunch.
K: And now that we've seen JR, I think that's quite enough of him. Let's see how we spent the day!

R: We rode Big Wheels.

K:We tried to take a family Easter egg hunt picture.
R: I don't think we did too good. Elizabeth is the only one smiling and looking at the camera!

R: Mommy tried to help me hunt more eggs, but after I found three I was satisfied. I had way more fun just playing with my eggs than looking for more.

K: Me too! Daddy finally gave up trying to make me hunt more when I started crying. Not sure why we needed any more. These two were super fun!

R: We were too little to hold the big pinata stick, so we beat him with a maraca. It was awesome!

K: I hit him so hard I think I broke him!
R: Umm, No you didn't.

R: We loved all the food, but the cookies were the best.

K: It was great. Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw kept telling Mommy, "Go get these babies some more cookies."
R: It was a fun day. We loved the Easter party!


Granny S said...

Fun day for all - I am anticipating real entertainment on tomorrows blog on the trip home!

Anonymous said...

Another Easter, another great Easter party. Thanks, Lu. MR

Stacy said...

Your mom and dad look EXACTLY the same!!! Sounds like a fun trip...sooo glad to be back in touch!!!

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots--I didn't get to see many of those actions during the party. I am so glad your family got to join in the fun, even if the trips were eventful. Guess that is just normal traveling with kids.