Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Talk: Ice Cream Dreams

Reed: It was 31 cent scoop night at Baskin-Robbins today.
Kyle: Mommy said we could all go get a cone. I couldn't wait! I love ice cream!
R: But when we got to B-R, the parking lot was full and there were people everywhere. The firetrucks were even there for ice cream! Needless to say, the line was out the door.
K: Daddy said he wasn't standing in a line out the door for ice cream, so we got to go to Dairy Queen instead!
R: Woo-Hoo! I'd rather have a Blizzard anyway. I love DQ!
K: So here we are enjoying Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop night at DQ with a Blizzard. And Mommy wanted me to tell everybody the pictures aren't so good because she took them with her phone.

R: Look how patiently I'm waiting for my Blizzard. And Mommy hollers out we're bad in restaurants. Do you see anybody being bad?

K: And look at my big teeth. I can't wait to sink them into the M&M's I know Daddy will choose for his Blizzard.

R: We don't have a picture of JR waiting patiently because he got to go help Daddy order.
K: But as you can see he was pretty excited about the Blizzard situation.

R: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

K: If you don't get that ice cream in my lips faster I'm going to scream out!

Both: We can't wait to get to Texas. Now that the Grandmothers have seen how happy Blizzards make us, we're sure we can talk them in to getting us one every day!


Anonymous said...

Those are the funniest pictures--big teeth, loose teeth, "we scream for ice cream" teeth-- Nothing beats a DQ blizzard. MR

Granny S said...

I guess I'll have to drive some miles to find a DQ in Katy. Hey guys, wouldn't ya think Sonic will make a blizzard of sorts just for those big smiles they bring?