Monday, April 13, 2009

Bunny Bailout

Was there a Bunny Bailout I missed? With this economy the media won't quit talking about, I was sure the picture with the Easter Bunny line wouldn't have been 2 HOURS LONG. Oh yes, 2 hours! And just to make sure we're all on the same page about the state of our economy, Jason and I picked the cheapest Easter Bunny picture package which was $21.64 (to be exact) AND we had all our kids in one picture. Part of the reason the picture line was 2 HOURS is that most parents were having a group shot of their kids, and then individual shots. Oh yeah they were. Not only that, but both families who checked out in front of me, bought the $20 Easter frames for the pictures!
So how did the picture turn out? Well, about like I thought it would. I knew Kyle wouldn't want anything to do with The Bunny, and I knew Reed would be fine with him as long as he thought it was a big dog. Reed looked a little scared at first, but after I petted the Easter Bunny like a dog, Reed followed right along. He sat in his lap with no tears. I thought I could keep Kyle from crying by putting him in JR's lap, but as you can see from the picture, no such luck. So here's the picture, which I actually love because it captures each of their personalities perfectly. Kyle full of drama and scared to death, Reed content but not overjoyed, and JR thrilled since he knows The Easter Bunny will be bringing a basket of goodies for him.


Allison said...

the line at Deerbrook was really short on Thursday! :p

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone has at least one crying holiday picture--either Santa or the Easter Bunny. Cute.