Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chick Magnet

Getting JR to take a bath becomes more of a chore each day. And bathing daily is a must since he's either covered in sand from the sandbox at school (how it gets in his hair I don't even want to know) or reeks of chlorine from the pool. As Jason was trying to convince him into the shower before church this morning their conversation went like this:
Jason: Come on JR, don't you want to smell good? Girls like it when you smell good. What's that one's name that likes you at school.
JR: Daddy. They all like me.
Jason: Really? How do you know they like you.
JR: Because when I say something funny, they all laugh. And if they laugh, that means they like you.
Yep. Kindergarten...and he's got it all figured out.


Mom Of Many said...

I know you!! I was stopping by to thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity...and saw it was YOU!

I love what JR had to say about the girls - yup! He definitely has it all figured out! Too cute!!

Fun seeing you guys yesterday and have a great trip! xo

Granny S said...

Yep - he's an Ingersoll!

Anonymous said...

He's my cutie---that's for sure. Maw-Maw