Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doggone It!

Poor Hunter. Ever since we got back from our Easter trip he just hasn't been the same. Our regular dog sitter (Yep, we've been here long enough to have a regular dog sitter) was already booked for Easter weekend. Kennels aren't very popular here since Durango is a very "dog friendly community" (boy, that's an understatement). So I found a place that I thought was "kennel like". What it turned out to be is a lady who runs a doggie daycare out of her house, but she'll also keep dogs overnight. I got Hunter all signed up. But before she would agree to keep him, we had to go over to her house a few days before we left so she could met him. ( You can just imagine the conversation I had with Jason trying to explain that one to him.) When we arrived there were about 4 dogs running around the house, and another lady picking up her dog from daycare. The owner told us all about the 2 hour hikes she and the dogs take in the woods everyday, and how does Hunter do off the leash? Umm...he runs off. She asked us about the things Hunter likes to do. Umm....sleep and sit in our laps. And if there were any important things she needed to know. Umm...his bark is crazy loud and annoying and he'll want to sleep in the bed with you. Jason couldn't get out of that place fast enough. We laughed all the way home about Crazy Dog not Jason's type. We told Crazy Dog Lady we would drop Hunter off about 10:00 AM before we left for Easter. At 10:05 the morning of , she was calling Jason's cell phone wondering where we were (Umm, turning on your street. ) because she was ready to get going on their daily hike. (And if I ever take up 2 hour daily hikes, I really hope I look a lot more fit than she does.) We dropped Hunter off and headed to the airport. While we were home, we wondered a few times how Hunter was doing at Crazy Dog Lady's. Well, apparently, Hunter must have been furious he wasn't at home with our normal dog sitter (who happens to be a college student and very pretty). When we picked Hunter up we had card waiting for us. Oh yes! A report card. Now, I'm the mom of 3 wild, crazy, and rambunctious boys. I used to shake in fear waiting for JR outside his preschool worried about what shenanigans he had pulled that day. I'm trying my best to keep a handle on these boys, so needless to say, I could care less if the dog gets a bad report card. But, for your amusement, here are some report card highlights:
Hunter was "unsettled and not so happy with the hike".
I told you he likes to sleep and sit in your lap.
He was "not too keen on the 2 puppies that visited Friday".
So he doesn't play well with others? What do you expect? He's an only dog!
He "has quite a squeal that almost put [Crazy Dog Lady] and the other dogs in cardiac arrest".
We warned you his bark was loud and annoying.
Hunter "wanted to go outside [Saturday night] but then didn't want to come back in.
So what?! Let him sit outside. You've got a doggie-door, he'll come back in when he's ready.
So I guess Crazy Dog Lady traumatized Hunter with his bad report card. Hopefully, he'll be back to normal soon. And don't worry Hunter, I've already got Pretty Dog Sitter all lined up for our vacation in August.


Kristi said... she for real? You seriously have the best stories.

Granny S said...

AhHa, Hunts!!!! So Granny S's house isn't so bad after all. At least we got the label of "Doggy Spa", but I am afraid you would have gotten the same report card on the 2 hour hike bit from the "spa". Oh well, who is into fitness anyway when you got perfectly good laps to sit in. Sounds like pretty and cute outbeats us both.

Anonymous said...

"Doggone It" says it all. MR

Anonymous said...

Love the story! Doggie report cards--too cute. I'm with Kristi--you have the best stories.

Seth and Beth said...

Poor, poor Hunter! What dog would want to look at out of shape crazy lady instead of slim and trim pretty college lady?? BTW, I used to help a local dog sitter out when I was in high school and she was a crazy dog lady too so I can totally relate! Too funny!!