Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Baskets

I wanted to post a quick note before we head to the airport. I fixed the kids' Easter baskets yesterday and hid them in the closet so I could put them out this morning before we left. JR is at school, so when we get home Easter night, his basket will be waiting for him. I fixed two baskets for the babies too, and thought all was safe inside my closet. As Jason and I were getting ready this morning I heard squeals of delight coming from my closet. Kyle and Reed had taken it upon themselves to have Easter baskets 3 days early. Easter candy, toys, and eggs were slung from one end of the closet to another. Both of them had huge grins on their faces as they "played" with their toys and eggs. Kyle was beating a package of Peeps so hard on the floor that I hope JR doesn't mind squished Peeps this year. Yep, it's going to be a super-fun day!

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Seth and Beth said...

Good luck on the plane...may the Force be with you:-)