Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunting is a Dangerous Sport

So you might remember back in October when I tripped over our zebra rug and broke my new computer. (If not, here ya go.) Obviously this zebra is getting its revenge on Jason since now another family member has hit the deck. Poor JR was about to go to bed and was coming into our room for his last 'goodnight'. As he walked in, he slid on the rug and tripped. When he fell he hit his head on the siderail of our bed. Our house is all wood floors with lots of wood trim (What you'd think a house in Colorado should look like) so just walking around seems to be amplified by 10. The sound JR's head made when it hit our bed made me think we were headed straight to the emergency room. I grabbed him up, fully expecting him to be covered in blood or unconscious. Luckily, neither was the case. His head bruised and a goose egg popped up immediately. I ran and got him a bag of frozen brussel sprouts (I know, but Jason's mom loves them so they're in our freezer for her) which really seemed to do the trick. This morning he awoke with just a slight bruise and no bump. But was quick to tell me that it still hurt (after I asked about it, of course).


Granny S said...

I knew those brussl sprouts would come in handy. I will bet it still did hurt. Poor baby, any adult would be laid up for days over a bang like that!

Anonymous said...

That just breaks my heart. Maw-Maw