Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I See it Coming!

I'm gonna put this out there right now: JR was a really good baby. There. I said it. We're flying to Houston tomorrow for a quick trip home for Easter and I can already tell that Kyle and Reed are gearing up to put on quite the spectacle. (You'll remember our last airplane trip didn't go so well.) You should have seen them in WalMart today. They were screaming and hollering for everything they saw. They didn't care what it was! When JR was little I'd put things in the basket and he'd play with them, and then I'd put it back on the shelf when it was time to go. These two are having none of that. I'd put things in the basket with them, and then they'd throw it out and start squealing for something else. One of JR's friend's mom actually found me in the toy department and said, "I figured that was you from all the noise." I finally got so fed up with the squealing that I opened up a package of M&Ms thinking that would keep them quiet. Nope. They gobbled those down so fast that we were still waiting in line to check out by the time they were finished. But late this afternoon really takes the cake. Jason and I just happened to be standing next to their cribs and were about to pick them up when Kyle braced one foot on the headboard of his crib and launched himself over the railing. If we hadn't been standing there to catch him he would have landed on his head. We've switched which crib they sleep in hoping that will keep them "cribed up" a bit longer. JR NEVER even tried to climb out of his crib. I admit it. I thought JR was a handful, but I didn't know how easy I had it!


Anonymous said...

Noisy flying babies? What's next? MR

Granny S said...

JR is at an age where "praise" is sometimes not so plentiful, so this was a joy to read, not that I like to hear about the misbavior of the Wee Ones, but sure do love that JR!!! Come on Wee Ones, give Mom a break or you might be grounded until your 21. JR had been around the world by the time he was your age.

JoAnn/Jerry said...

Welcome to the "Land of Raising Twins"!! Even after 40 years, I haven't forgotten!! BUT, this, too, will pass and you'll look back and laugh and count your blessings!! JoAnn