Thursday, April 16, 2009


No, these aren't JR's "first day on the bus" pictures taken back in January. I just took them about an hour ago! (That's JR in the orange coat.) Can you believe it's snowing again? When does it stop? Apparently, not for awhile. Our neighbor told me that is snowed on Memorial Day weekend last year. What?! Why are people just now sharing this very important information with me. It was 24 at the bus stop this morning, and 66 in Houston. And yes, I lived in a place with "seasons" before. And this is not how I remember "spring" in Beijing. And just to prove it, I checked the weather in Beijing and since its nighttime it's only 58, but the high tomorrow is 75! I knew I wasn't the one who's crazy. Snowing in April is crazy!

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