Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You, Jason!

JR came home from school Friday with a note about how this is "turn off the TV week" (which also includes the computer, DVDs, and video games). It was an optional activity (Praise the Lord), and they gave us a form to fill out listing the activities we did instead of using electronic devices. The school encouraged us to give up all these things as a family (HA!) and if the kids go a whole week TV-free they get a prize. I told JR about it, and tried to encourage him that this was not something we really wanted to do. (For those of you asking "why not?" I say: I spent 3 years in a Communist country where the 2 best channels we got were Discovery and Star World. Thankfully Star World ran American Idol, but they also ran re-runs of A-Team and Magnum PI. I've done my time without TV, thank you very much!) Anyway, JR said he wanted to try, so I told him okay. JR woke up early this morning (I don't know how early because I get up at 7:00, so it was before 7:00) and as Jason was leaving he told me, "I fed JR breakfast and he's watching TV in his room". So as we were going to the bus stop this morning it hit me that JR was supposed to be TV-free this week, but he had already been watching TV. Leave it to the Ingersolls to not even make it 10 minutes in the TV-free week. And to that I say...Hallelujah! Thank you, Jason! I broke the news to JR saying, "it's the TV-free week, but you were already watching it this morning. Let's just not do that, okay. Mommy will get you a prize anyway." (Knowing that the "prize" was his only real motivation.) Once I told him I'd get him a prize, he was happy as can be. That, and the fact that he has his first loose tooth. Which I'm sure will be reported on soon.


Anonymous said...

No electricity after Ike will last me for a lifetime. A loose tooth! Now that's news to get a prize. Maw-Maw

Granny S said...

I can see it now - as you are reading the note and screaming "you have GOT to be kidding me". And a loose tooth, wow! What does the tooth fairy bring these days - how about TV for the next week!

Marcia said...

I'm so proud of y'all for enforcing the TV required rule. The TV is on in our house the second someone gets up until the last person goes to sleep. If someone is in the house it is on even if no one is watching ;oP