Thursday, April 30, 2009

White Out

Poor JR, this face says it all. There really is nothing more embarrassing than having your mom take a picture of you at the bus stop. But, in my own defense, it was class picture day today and I wanted to get a picture of him in this cute white shirt before it became stain filled. (I don't have any girls...picture day is the most dressed up I can hope for!) I was much less obsessive about how JR looked this year, although I did give his hair a squirt of hairspray as he walked out the door this morning. And I did ask him not to play in the sandbox at school until after pictures. When he got home he assured me that pictures were taken before recess and before he got green marker all over his shirt and hands. And no, it's still not warm enough for shorts and short sleeves in the morning. (I made him put his jacket on before he got on the bus.)


Allison said...

Handsome young man!

Anonymous said... picture day. He's growing up so quickly. MawMaw

Granny S said...

Good lookin' for school pictures - you know all moms try their best, but JR can 'clean up' exceptionaly well. From a non-biased Grandmother of course.