Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chip Mystery

You'll remember back this summer we had to break out covert video surveillance, night vision technology, and a high-speed digital camera to find our pacifier thief. Well, I've had to set up yet another sting operation. Lately JR has been upset about the state of his chips when he opens them at school. Seems he's been having to eat a bag full of crumbs. Of course we can't have our JR eating crumbs now can we?! Sounds to me like it's time for Mission Chip Crumbles.

Hummm, that's interesting. Is that a baby butt I see peeking from behind the pantry? Let's get a closer look at another angle.

After rewinding the tape from a different view, we can clearly see Kyle at the beginning stages of opening the pantry door.

And what do we have here? Looks to me like Kyle helping himself to a bag of chips.

From another camera we can see Kyle racing from the scene of the crime. Look at him go!

Back to the pantry camera, we see Kyle has left the door open for his accomplice, Reed. Who's already made his chip selection.

And another, He's got 2! Talk about snatch and grab!

Well, JR, looks like we've solved your chip mystery.


Anonymous said...

Great detective work, Sherlock. Poor JR having to eat crumbs. MR

Allison said...

mmmmm cheetos!

Granny S said...

Mystery solved - Good job on the camera observation - you must walk around with a camera in you back pocket at all times! Appears they need to figure out how to get them open before crushing into crumbles.

Anonymous said...

this gives another twist to the Frito Bandido! I need that crime scene camera at my house--but it is usually chocolate that goes missing..