Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm Becoming My Dad

I'm wrapping up our Denver trip today. And as you'll see from these photos, I believe all my time in Texas with my dad rubbed off on me. Here are the two pictures I took from our mini golfing night. (We went to a really amazing course that I saw on my friend Jill's blog, so it wasn't like I didn't have plenty of photo opportunities.)

Photo 1: I sounded just like my dad when I said, "Oh Kyle. Go stand over there and let me take your picture in front of those beautiful impatiens."

I then found myself trying to have a conversation with Jason about how beautiful all the flowers were. Oh my goodness, WHO AM I?

Photo #2: I had taken a picture of the flora, so now it was time for the fauna.

Something about seeing a squirrel eating left-over dippin' dots just made me giggle.


Anonymous said...

Daddy knows his flora and fauna and I know a cute picture when I see one. MR

Allison said...

Next you'll be putting out bird feeders and know the migratory patterns of the martins!
I love your dad! Had some Munster cheese the other day and thought of him and your mom. Hello Mom and Dad!!!! Miss y'all!

Anonymous said...

Those are petunias. LOVE, Daddy

Anonymous said...

Well I can't think of any better person for you to become!