Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I'll be posting some of the highlights from our touristy escapades around Denver in the days to come, so we'll start today with a visit to the Children's Museum. And as you can see...real scientists wear their protective eyewear upside down.

Who knew the Denver Children's Museum doubled as a veterinarian residency hospital? Good thing, cause these Ingy boys were doing some serious animal doctoring.

Dr. Reed (who calls himself Dr. Me) not only likes to call the shots, but he likes to give them too.

Dr. JR made sure all the X-rays lined up just right.

Scissor work was a staple of Dr. Kyle's health care. Thank goodness for plastic scissors or every cat in the place would've been tailless.

And just like scientists and their protective eye wear, real vets wear their stethoscopes backwards.


GS said...

Great post - I am still laughing and everyone in the office thinks I have surely lost it this time!!

Joseph said...

i was willing to let the obviously unsterilized surgery tools go by unnoticed, but i'm pretty sure that JR's open toed shoes are completely against hospital safety standards!

Jill said...

Hey that's where we lost Jack! They didn't have the cool Dr place when we were there though. Looks like fun!