Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beachy Keen

After stops at 3 tropical locations, it seems I have only one true beach lover:


Not that the rest of us don't like the beach,
We just have our issues.

JR doesn't like the saltwater.

 Reed thinks his job is to clean the shoreline of seashells.

I prefer that the sun not actually touch my skin.

And with the three of us having issues, Jason is forced to do pool duty.

Which is just fine with Kyle.


Anonymous said...

Cute story. I had forgotten JR doesn't like salt water. MR

Tiffany said...

That settles it then. Next time we head out to the beach for a week, we are taking Kyle with us!

GS said...

Kyle is a child after my own heart - love the beach, although I could go live with Reed at the seashore and go nothing by collect sea shells in my retirement - that would be good too.