Monday, March 14, 2011

Half the Fun is Getting There


Traveling with two three-year olds is about a zillion times easier than traveling with two one-year olds. 

 In fact, I was the one with difficulties as we were boarding our flight last Friday. 
I packed the whole family in one checked bag and the rest carry-ons. (I know. Very impressive.) 
As we were putting our gate check tags on the carry-ons, I gave myself a paper cut that I'm quite sure needed medical attention. 

 And if you're thinking, 'Is Jan really blogging about a paper cut?' 
Um, not only am I blogging about it, I have photographic evidence.
(Yes, it's blurry. But you get the idea.)

The kids did great rolling their carry-ons through the airport. 
Not one melt-down (except from me over the above mentioned paper cut).
As you can see, Kyle chose to bring his Dora backpack as his personal item. 
 (Reed opted to forgo a personal item in favor of having me carry his coloring book in my purse.)
JR also brought a backpack along with his rolling bag, and the things those two chose to put in their backpacks just cracked me up.

Kyle's backpack:
Jessie, a pacifier, and a copy of Goodnight Moon
(Jessie also had to be seat belted-in with Kyle for most of the flight.)

JR's backpack:
2 piano books (so he could play on the boat), his stuffed dog, and of course, his Nintendo (which you can't see)

The flight was quite uneventful. (Besides my paper cut, of course). 
Reed sat with Jason and colored and watched Jason play Angry Birds.
Kyle sat with me and watched movies (picking a new movie every two minutes). 
And JR seemed to remember his Beijing days of flying first class and acted as such.

We landed Friday evening in Houston, so we had a chance to see Jason's mom and my parents on Saturday afternoon.  (Chuck E. Cheese for the kids, Lupe Tortillas for us!)

Saturday evening I got to see my friend, JD.  He lives about 10 minutes from Jason's dad's house and came by to see me.
(On a side note, our house in Houston is next door to Jason's dad's, so if we can ever get back to Houston while JD is there we'll be neighbors!)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the quick visit. MR

Friedt Family said...

Looks like a successful trip...other than the unfortunate paper cut incident of course:-)

GS said...

Even a quick visit is a grandbaby 'fix' that will satisfy for a short while.

Angie Vik said...

Love the pictures of your boys wheeling their carry-ons. This looks like a really fun trip. Glad you had a good time.