Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Washin' the Wears

So this is one of those posts my mom will read and probably say,
(insert Texas accent about 5X stronger than mine) "Oh my goodness! I can't believe she's putting that out there on the Internet!"
But I think it's funny, so here goes.

I do the laundry twice a week.  Always on Mondays and then on Thursdays or Fridays.
I did laundry on Friday last week, so that means yesterday I washed clothes that were worn on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Here's the clean underwear. (Don't worry, Mom, not mine!)
That's one pair of underwear for JR, and ten pair for Kyle and Reed!

That means in 3 days:
JR didn't change his underwear! (hiding my head in shame)

And Kyle and Reed?
Welllll, It looks like Kyle's been changing his underwear every time he puts on a new outfit.  (Which, as we know about our fashionista, can be quite a few times a day.)

But that's not the end of the story. 

All day I was so upset about my lack of parenting of JR.
How could I not notice that the child didn't change his underwear for 3 days?

But then...
last night...
I was almost redeemed!

As JR was getting undressed for his shower, he said, "Oh! I have on two pair of underwear."

You can't imagine how excited I was to see another pair of underwear.
I hadn't been an absentee parent!
He wore clean underwear to school on Friday, not changed them Saturday, (which we can let slide since he's a 7 year old boy) put on a new pair Sunday morning, and then in a morningtime fog, put a clean pair over the old pair Monday morning!

Yeah me!
I'm not a bad mom!

I had no idea my poor child wore 2 pair of underwear all day long. 
Oh yeah.  Oops.


Friedt Family said...

You're not a BAD mom Jan, you are a BUSY mom....very important distinction there:-)

Anonymous said...

You're right. I never thought I'd see a post on "washin' the wears". MR

Holly Bennett said...

Cracking up!! Hey at least he wasn't going to school or church commando.

Angie Vik said...

I had a good laugh when I saw this picture. Reminds me of a story I heard about a little boy going to summer camp for the first time. His mother stressed that he needed to change his underwear everyday. To make the job easier he put on all six pairs, and then just took the top layer off each day. :)

JoAnn Greseth said...

I heard a good one about the little boy at camp too. He was told to "change underwear" every day. When he came home he announced he had done just that. He and his friends had exchanged their underwear every day!!! More than one way to please Mom!!!!


Tiffany said...

Ok, so not only is the post hilarious, but the comments are great too! Who knew raising little boys could be such an adventure?

Anonymous said...

The joys of boys! And I love all the extra comments--they too are entertaining.