Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vegas Checklist

What all can you do with 31 hours in Vegas? 
Well, Let's see.

Check Out The Strip? Check.
We left Mesquite at 8:00 AM, so we were driving down The Strip by 9:00.

Gambling? Check.
Cassidy put $4 in a slot machine.

Celebrity Sighting? Check.
We saw Pete Rose,
 Dick Butkus, (we only knew it was them since they were promoting sports memorabilia and signing autographs)
and these two guys who are serious A-listers in my house.

Shopping? Check.
How do two Houstonians living in a town of 15,000 people and no Target spend their day in Vegas? 
 Shopping, of course!  
Our new BFF is named "Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace".

Ate at a Trendy Restaurant? Check.
We are so cool that we had 10:45 PM dinner reservations at Tao. 
 Tao is so cool that they didn't seat us until 11:30.

I'm guessing light isn't really cool these days since it was so dark we couldn't see anything. 
 I'm not even exaggerating. 
The staff carry flashlights so those of us who aren't vampires can actually read the menus.

Went to a Trendy Club? Check.
So, in full disclosure, we were given VIP bracelets to Pure nightclub while we were out shopping. 
We really wanted to go to Pure (since we've read about it in US Weekly), but since it was way after midnight when we finished dinner (and we're not 21, a Kardashian, or a Real Housewife) getting a cab and going over there just seemed like too much work. 
Standing in the 250+ person line to get into the nightclub part of Tao also seemed like too much work, but since we had eaten dinner there, we were given a line pass, which meant we got to go right in. 
 Let's just say there's some crazy stuff going on in there. 
This Chinese girl swinging from the ceiling was the only blog appropriate thing I saw.
Can't say we stayed long (or wanted to), but we can say we've been there.

Stayed Out Late and Slept In? Check.
It was about 2:00 in the morning when we got back to our room. 
We stayed at the Venetian and didn't wake up til 10:00 AM!
We each had our own queen-size bed, and I used all 4 of my pillows...just because I could.


Anonymous said...

Love it. The only thing missing were the PAWN Stars. MR

Friedt Family said...

Apparently the Twilight-fever sweeping the world has hit Vegas, hence the lack of lights:-) Looks like you had a GREAT time and the Toy Story guys would have been the biggest hit in our house as well:-)