Monday, April 11, 2011

What's My Name Again?

I'm not sure if I should call this a "continuation post" or "homage post" to my friend, JD.  His post about people not being able to spell his name ("Joseph"), especially Starbucks workers, came rushing back to me this weekend.

When I moved to China lots of people had trouble understanding me when I introduced myself. 
My Texas pronunciation of "Jan" as a two-syllable word just really throws non-Southerners off. 
We moved back to Texas and I never had problems with my name, but our now stint in Colorado leaves first time introductions awkward again.

 All that backstory to say...While in Vegas, Cassidy and I stopped to get Starbucks.
I ordered and the girl asked my name.
"Jan." I said.
Starbucks worker: "Jan, Are you visiting from out of town?"
Me: "Yes, from Colorado."
Starbucks worker: "Oh nice. Have a great stay, Jan."

I was so excited.  She understood me. She got my name right...twice.

And then my coffee came.



Jo said...

The funny thing is you have a pretty normal name. Try having the name Jo as a girl, and then when you add Lee as the last name is cause all kinds of confusion! At least you got your Starbucks.

Joseph said...

it's always the 'e' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph said...

i was on the phone with someone today and i told them my name and they spelled it back to me joesph then asked me if it was correct. :(