Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Fabulous Friday-Britney Edition!

What's more fabulous than attending a Britney Spears concert?
Attending a Britney Spears concert dressed in full Britney costumes, of course!

And in case you're not a Britney fan, I'll walk you through our evolution of Britneys.
(left to right)
Shari as 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' Britney
Me as 'I'm a Slave 4 U' Britney (complete with albino boa constrictor)
Marcia as 'Me Against the Music' Britney
Adrienne as Post-Mental-Breakdown Britney (complete with Starbucks coffee and purse sized dog)
Kelly as 'Circus' Britney (complete with whip)

The costumes went over even better than we could have imagined, with people lining up to have their pictures taken with us!


Jo said...

Jan you know how to have fun. I love it!

Marcia said...

LOVES IT!!! of course ;o)

Friedt Family said...

SOOO jealous!! I am a big Britney fan:-) You girls look awesome, I SO would have been lining up to get my picture taken with you too:-)