Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For the Birds

Seems poultry have always been around the Reynolds house one way or another.

Even growing up in the suburbs of Houston, I (and of course, by 'I', I mean 'my dad') raised chickens for 4-H.  My backyard neighbor, Stacy Hill, did too.  And I'm almost positive her mom took this picture of my dad and me. 
Humble Fair and Rodeo, 6th grade. 
(You didn't really think I'd give you a date, did you?)
So it should be of no surprise that now my parents are in the country, the poultry population abounds.

My dad's favorite (yes, we totally play favorites in this house) the Japanese rooster.

My favorite, the Dominecker
The favorites enjoying their privileged status.

These next two are both Bantams, but still cute.

Poultry parade

Mamas and babies

Guinea babies...who start out sooo cute

And get "not so cute" in a matter of weeks.
(roosting for the night)

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GS said...

That picture of you is so JR - cut off the long hair and I would swear it is JR!