Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Really Long Way for a Donut

It just wouldn't be summer if we weren't trying an Adam Richmond-Man Vs Food-restaurant. 

My dad had been saying he wanted to go over to Johnson City, and since Round Rock is a mere 1-1/2 hours out of the way, we decided to "swing" by and let JR sample one of the giant donuts.

Now, I've heard really great things about Round Rock Donuts,
 but I'd never heard  2 VERY IMPORTANT things. 
Aren't you glad you have me to fill you in?

1. Round Rock Donuts has no bathroom. 
This would have been excellent information to have before getting out of the car after a 3 hour drive for a donut.

2.  There's no place to sit down and eat.

Here's JR with our loot.
This is pretty much the whole store.
There's just room to order and get out!
I swear I remember Adam Richmond sitting down to eat the big donut, but maybe he didn't.
They do have picnic tables out front, but since it was 102 and there was no shade, we chose to eat our donuts standing up under a shade tree in the parking lot.

So, was it worth 3 hours in the car, no bathroom, and eating in a parking lot?

You bet it was!
Those donuts are seriously some of the best eats I've ever put in my mouth.
Hands down: Best. Donut. Ever.
As my dad put it, "I'd gobbled down two of those things before I even knew it.  And I'm not even a donut fan!"
(Don't worry, he wasn't talking about the giant donut. My parents and I split a half dozen.)

Kyle and Reed weren't really aware that donuts were the speciality, so they ordered cupcakes.

Of course they didn't finish them, and hallelujah for that, cause they were the best cupcakes ever!
(They ordered just plain ol' vanilla and they totally beat out the $4 a piece red velvet cupcakes you get at the fancy cupcake stores.)

So, Jason, for my next birthday I'd like a Round Rock Donut donut birthday cake.
(Yes, they make those.)


GS said...

Please tell me the JR did NOT eat that whole donut alone - I have seen him down a bunch along with a couple dozen donut holes so I am thinking maybe?

Anonymous said...

Guess you're not kidding when you say "everything's BIGGER in Texas", are you?????

Marcia said...

We found Round Rock Donuts when I was preggers. Now we stop on the way home from EVERY UT game. If you aren't there before 6:30am on home game weekends you can wait several hours or forget it! Another tip...their coffee is HORRIBLE! Drive to the Starbuck's across 35 and enjoy your donuts there ;o)

Friedt Family said...

Do they have a mail order option??? I love me some donuts and I'm pretty sure I could dominate that huge one JR is holding:-)

Stacy said...

Johnson City! Ya'll were super close to my parentals! And...that is truly the biggest donut EVER!