Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Sure it's one of Neil Diamond's most famous songs, but I really do have a sweet Caroline in my life.
Caroline was the first friend I made in college, and we're still going strong all these (VERY FEW) years later.

On the VH1 series I Love The 80's, one of my favorite clips is Juliette Lewis saying she's "gonna seriously represent" and shows her seventh grade class picture to showcase her big hair. 
I feel exactly the same way showing this picture. 
(Although, if we're being perfectly honest, I always wanted my hair to be bigger.  But, alas, this was as big as I could get.)

And here we are now
Praise the Lord for highlights!

Caroline and I hadn't seen each other in almost two years, so it was great to spend Sunday evening laughing and giggling.
We even had to laugh that our topics of discussion never seem to change.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jan, how much longer will you and your gang be @ Windy Hill. I would love to see you before you return to Durango.
Ben and I just returned from a three day camping trip to Glen Rose, visited Sarah and Steve. Hot and dry everywhere!