Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bunch of Fuzzy Pictures

I didn't realize until I was putting this together that every single picture is fuzzy and/or out of focus.
Oh well, you'll get the idea.

Sunday I went to Holy Spirit Episcopal church in Houston to hear JD sing.
I couldn't help but giggle thinking about how two children who were raised in Baptist churches every time the doors opened were "Sundaying" with the Episcopalians.

JD came to greet me before the service started and I actually had to quote Dolly in Steel Magnolias to make myself feel more comfortable, "Oh, honey, God don't care which church you go, long as you show up!"

The service was full of readings, responses, kneeling, and crossings (which I think were blessings). I did my best to blend in, but felt like a total heathen when I stayed firmly seated during communion. (I was very uncomfortable with their lack of mini Saltine-looking wafers and tiny plastic cups of grape juice.)

But I did get to hear JD sing, (I hadn't heard him since my wedding) and he sounded amazing!

And, of course, I took pictures during the service for you.

Choir processional

He's famous!

When we got back to Jason's dad's house we tried to have JR take a picture of us. 
Fuzziness aside, in case you were wondering just how tall JD is, and just how short I am...

My most famous and favorit-est former student!

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