Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finally Finished

We're finally finished celebrating Jason's birthday.
He can say he didn't have 5 parties, but Happy Birthday was sung to him 5 times...
so yeah, he had 5 parties.

For party number three we went to Benihana for the sole reason that it's the "fanciest" restaurant where all our children will:
1. behave (they are completely entertained by the "cooking show")
2. eat

Not that you'd know there was good behavior from Jason's souvenir birthday picture. 

True to form, Kyle can't stop eating his ice cream long enough to say "cheese", and Reed's furious I took him away from his ice cream to pose for a picture.

While we were there we kept talking about how we knew we had another Benihana picture somewhere. 

Of course, I found it.

I'm assuming this was for my birthday (since I'm wearing the hat) and it was in the 2002 photo album.
You'll notice that Jason and I have turned much blonder and/or greyer in the past 9 years .

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