Monday, January 16, 2012

Come on Down

I don't normally get too excited about the snow.
Sure I think it's pretty, but since I'm scared of it (driving in it/on it that is) I don't really ever wish for snow.

Until this year.

The skiing has been awful.
Awful like we might as well have been skiing on an ice skating rink.

Jason and I have even turned into my mom and dad.
(Mama and Daddy's favorite thing to talk about is lack of rain.)

We sound exactly like my parents during an East Texas summer.
"I just don't know what we're going to do if we don't get some snow soon."

Jason even checks the Weather Channel as frequently as my dad these days.
But glory, glory hallelujah, we woke up to about six inches of snow this morning.
Now if I could just get it to move on from my house and sit up on top of Purgatory for the week!


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! Happy skiing. And, yes, we could use a good rain. MR

Anonymous said...

We've only had about 2 inches this winter in MN--HOORAY!!! So keep it in Colorado!!! We don't mind a "brown winter" at all!!!